We grow flowers at Tapalou Guilds in part because they are the foundation of pollination and we are big fans of abundant pollinators on our farm.  Flowers are not organisms to be relegated as "extras" on the farm.  Indeed, they are lead actors here whether they are on their way to becoming food for us or food for other species.  Bellies, eyes, and souls, all filled by the majesty of flowers.

The beautiful diversity of flowers sustains life.  We tend upward of 100 different varieties of annual and perennial cut flowers on the farm.  Flowers are grown in both our field and greenhouse without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.  

Archaefructus fossil

Archaefractus Fossil found in Yixian lake-bed deposits in Liaoning Province of northeast China.

Have I mentioned, 125 million years ago?

The Archaefructus has been called the Eve of all flowering plants, dating back 125 millions ago.  125 million years ago!  In large part, we owe the diversity of current and past flora and fauna to flowers. Extraordinary.  

The versatility of the flowering plants, their double fertilization, and mutually rewarding, coevolutionary dance with pollinators are all factors in having made them one of the most successful forms of life on planet- organisms that have the ability to colonize almost every terrestrial environment. Flowering plants are survivors.
— The Reason For Flowers, Stephan Buchmann