Labor of Love Arrangements

Flowers have been used medicinally in childbirth for millennia.  Traditional child birthing practices have relied upon the properties of flowering plants to help women and babies through the shared transition of birth.

I remember so clearly a bountiful bouquet that was given to me after the birth of my son.  The rich hues of the July delphiniums is forever seared in my mind and in my heart. 

Tapalou Guilds offers a variety of arrangements for laboring women and their support teams.  These arrangements serve as a sensory tool to guide women through the hard work of childbearing.  

Hanna will work with the pregnant woman and/or family to discuss colors, textures, smells and other sensory details that will support their child birthing process.   All arrangements will be seasonal and designed according to the mother's specific preference.  

Birth Bundle

Invite pregnant women to be embraced by the splendor and power of flowers throughout their journey to motherhood by purchasing a Birth Bundle. 

A Birth Bundle includes three arrangements:

  • One while the woman is pregnant, potentially for a baby shower or blessing way.   
  • One for when the woman is in labor.
  • One to mark the transition into motherhood.
  • In addition, a handwoven floral wreath will be given one year from birth to celebrate the baby's first revolution around the sun!  Dried flowers collected over the baby's first year will be woven into the wreath.

Birth Bundles are available May-October.  Handwoven Labor Wreaths can be commissioned.

A hand thrown vase by local potter, Shari Zabriskie can be included in the labor arrangement for an additional charge.  

Prices for Birth Bundles vary depending upon the desired size of the floral arrangements and if you want to include a piece of pottery.  The average cost is $130-$200.  Sliding scale fee available.

Contact Hanna to discuss Labor of Love and Birth Bundle arrangements.

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Visualizations have long relied upon flowers to assist women in preparing their bodies and spirits for child birth.  This time lapse video shows the intrinsic connection between laboring women and child birth.