Tapalou Guilds is a small, diversified family farm in Guilford, Vermont. 


Our vision

We strive to grow high quality food, flowers and plants that will enhance our community's access to healthy and seasonal food and flowers.  We steward our land through maximizing soil fertility and increasing biodiversity.  


Hanna Jenkins and Andy Loughney came to farming via the long and windy road.  After years of homesteading they dove head first into starting their own farm.  For five years they had been homesteading off the grid on top of a rocky hill in Guilford.  They found a house and land down the road in the valley that offered them the ideal land to create Tapalou Guilds. 

The name 'Tapalou Guilds' comes from a combination of pet names.  Hanna brought Chispa back from Honduras where she served in the Peace Corps and his nickname was 'Tapfoot'.  Andy brought Penny into the relationship and her nickname was affectionately, 'Lou' and as their lives become more intertwined they came up with 'Tapalou'.   The addition of 'Guilds' helped them to define their vision and goals for the farm, a space that enhances life's intersections and relationships. 

Hanna and Andy believe in growing food and flowers without the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides.  They believe that the healthiest food and most beautiful flowers will come from land which is nourished.

Andy is a certified permaculture designer focused on proactive and restorative farm and food systems that display resilience and adaptability.  He is intrigued by the dance that plays out between landscape design and implementation, when natural processes take over and often reveal unanticipated insights.

He caught the farming bug while working as an educator on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania in 2007.  Since moving to Guilford in 2010, Andy has been an advocate for a more robust food system, including growing a lot of his own food and coordinating and delivering for Windham Farm and Food.

Andy also enjoys playing music, some of which can be found on his personal website or his Steemit blog.  He draws inspiration from the mystery of life and continues to be baffled by this wild ride.

Hanna has worked strengthening local food systems in Windham County since 2012.  Following her work as an advocate, Hanna discovered a new found passion in growing food and flowers as means of furthering her commitment to a healthy community.  It has been her through work as the Guilford Farm to School Coordinator and Guilford Local Food Market Coordinator that she decided to start farming.  

Hanna started dabbling in growing flowers over ten years ago and her deep love for flowers continues to grow.  She believes in growing the market for local flowers as means of strengthening our relationship to the beauty around us. 

When not in the field Hanna can be found cooking, creating treasures and spending time with family.