High-CBD Hemp basking in the autumn sun

High-CBD Hemp basking in the autumn sun

Hemp - For Sound Health

Hemp has been cultivated for 10,000 years, making it one of the first and oldest known human agricultural crops.  The world of hemp has been abuzz lately as more efforts to understand the medicinal properties of this plant are underway.

We grow a variety of hemp that is high in Cannabidiol (CBD).  CBD has a wide spectrum of beneficial qualities without the psychoactive "high" that comes with marijuana.

Andy is a co-founder of Bravo Botanicals, bringing high-quality seed-to-CBD products to market.  You can currently buy Bravo Botanicals products at Vermont Hempicurean and the Brattleboro Food Co-op in Brattleboro, and the Guilford Country Store in Guilford.  Please email Andy at andy@bravobotanicals.com if you are interested in learning more.


A summary of findings from a recent World Health Organization report can be found here