Tapalou can provide all the flowers you need to celebrate your union.  Many couples enjoy the freedom of working with the flowers that will grace their wedding.

DIY flower packages are available.  Hanna can help guide you as you choose and design your own floral arrangements.  

Flower availability depends upon the time of year and weather.  For a list of available flowers please contact Hanna directly. 


Ordering Bulk Flowers

Complete our contact form with the date of your wedding.  We will then confirm availability for your date.  Once confirmed, we ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit.  The balance will be due upon receipt of your flowers.   A $250 minimum order is required.  Flowers need to be picked up at the farm.

Basic Information

  • Flowers are packed in buckets and vary depending upon the varieties in bloom at the time of your event.  
  • We estimate that each bucket will have between 60-85 stems.  
  • Each order will have a broad mix of focal flowers, secondary flowers, fillers and foliage. 
  • Our bulk flower offering and pricing is for mixed colors only.  If you have a specific color palette we will do our best to accommodate your request but can’t guarantee that you’ll receive color-specific buckets.  
  • One bucket should be sufficient to make 5-7 quart sized mason jar arrangements.   The number of buckets you order depends upon the number and size of arrangements/bouquets that you want.  


Buckets are $65 each.  Small quantities of specific flowers can be sold by the stem or by the bunch (10 stems).  Here are some price ranges for our premium flowers (priced by the stem). 

Peonies $3

Sunflowers $1.50

Dahlias $2-4

Lisianthus $2-3

Ranunculus $1.50

Availability of these flowers varies week to week throughout the growing season. 

Picking Up Your Flowers

For Saturday weddings and events most clients pick up their flowers on Thursdays at the farm.   Bringing your own buckets is not required.  If you live locally you will be charged a $5 deposit per bucket for the use which is returned upon their return.  If you are unable to return the buckets you will be charged $5 per bucket.  You can also bring your buckets to pack the flowers into.  Make sure the buckets are clean. Flowers should be transported in an air-conditioned vehicle that has fold down seats.  Flowers cannot be transported in the back of pickup trucks!  

Flower Care

Your flowers will last for a week if cared for property and depending on the variety, some may last longer.  It is recommended that flowers are refrigerated but it is not necessary.  If you don't have access to a large cooler store your flowers in a cool room or basement out of direct light.  Cut the stems before arranging.  Freshen the water daily. 

Important Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do you have enough time to do your own floral arrangements?

The week of your wedding is busy.  Make sure you have enough time set aside the day before the event to make your arrangements.

  • Do you have enough people to help put together the arrangements?

You'll need to gather several folks who are interested in spending at least few hours the day before the wedding designing and chatting.  This is a wonderful task to ask local friends and family to help with.

  • Do you have the workspace?

You’ll need a space that is cool, has access to water and where it won’t matter if things get wet and dirty from cutting the flowers. 

  • Do you have the tools that you’ll need?

You’ll need clippers (regular scissors won’t work well), floral tape, floral wire, pins, vessels and other supplies.

  • Do you have a vehicle to transport your designs?  

If you answered yes to all of the above, then DIY designs with local, fresh and beautiful blooms from Tapalou Guilds is a great option for you!

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